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Additional art can be found at www.dart.fine-art.com by searching on jandiart.
As of August 29, 2008


Gysy - Andrew Atroshenko
Lost in Thought - Andrew Atroshenko


Toes in the Sand - Micael and Inessa Garmash
Toes in the Sand - Michael and Inessa Garmash


Original Artwork by R.C. Gorman
Original Artwork by R.C. Gorman


Spirit Within Me - Oleg Zhivetin
Spirit Within Me - Oleg Zhivetin


Original Artwork by Suljakov
Original Art by Suljakov

Wailing Wall - Original Art by Charles Fazzino
Wailing Wall - Original Art by Charles Fazzino

In early 2002, Fazzino introduced a new collection of one-of-a-kind, three dimensional original paintings on canvas. Each original represents a unique piece of artwork. The images are painted twice on canvas. The top layer is cut out, glued and assembled onto the bottom stretched canvas by hand. A hybrid between a painting and a wall sculpture, an original canvas provides a sophisticated and completely unique perspective on the art of Charles Fazzino.






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